EICR – Electrical Safety Certificates


Electrical Installation Condition Reports are in depth inspections on a property’s electrical system and the installation of the electricals, then based on findings, produce a formal document. These tests are carried out by qualified electricians and it is recommended that an inspection is carried out every ten years to be safe, with rental properties carrying these out every five years. The tests will then look for problems such as overloaded circuits, lack of earthing, highlight any electrical DIY work that needs repairing, testing wiring and conclude any potential electrical shock risks.

These are checked as most of the time circuits are set back within wall cavities and are usually not seen by most home owners, yet because of this are easily overlooked. These need to be checked to prevent home fires and electrical shocks, as faulty electrical wires and old electrical circuits/wiring can be a main cause of house fires. Therefore, it is extremely important for Landlords to have these checked and have the EICR’s. Please see below for an update from Roy and Michelle regarding the changes which have been made regarding EICR’s.

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