Hope on the horizon for Ashford.


This is us at Evolution just saying thank you! Thank you to everyone who has played their part in the community of Ashford at this difficult time. Thank you to the NHS and Carers for constantly putting their lives on the line. Thank you to teachers, still being the best, they can for their students, so they can be the best they can be. Thank you to shop staff keeping necessity shops open, serving us still with a smile. Thank you to the Refuse collectors, still turning up to our doors every week to make sure our waste doesn’t stack up. Thank you to food takeaway shops giving away free food to vulnerable people or NHS staff, as well as staying open so nights in feel like they did before. Thank you to EVERYONE in the community, thank you for clapping for carers on a Thursday evening, thank you for abiding by guidelines, thank you for helping out neighbours or elderly people within families or the community with their shopping. Thank you for everything that made this horrible time that little less hard. Thank you.

It has been a hard three months and we will never forget those that didn’t win this war, they will always be in our thoughts and hearts. We are so proud to be a part of the Community in Ashford, we have all pulled together to do our own little bit, but we can’t stop there. We must continue to carry on this level of support within the community, this will make tomorrow a brighter day. There is light on the horizon, bringing hope and it is coming our way. We will get through this.


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