From boring to brilliant: How to effectively create a buzz in your Garden.


Not everyone is an Allan Titchmarsh when it comes to gardening, however lockdown has made everyone embrace their gardens and try to add a touch of colour and relaxation in our own outdoor spaces. As of the 13th of May 2020, garden centres reopened their doors after placing orders online resulted in online ques to gain access to products on websites such as B&Q. With a garden being our main source for most of outdoor space a few weeks ago and even still now for those that are medically vulnerable. We are taking to gardens like never before, as a garden offers peace, safety and fresh air without the need to interact with others outside the household.

How is your garden coming along? Can’t think of any new ideas? Well look no further, below are some fantastic budget ideas to just add that little extra wow to your garden.

  • Pallet furniture.

 This is one of the most affordable ways of creating comfy, natural wooden furniture to your garden. Normally you can outsource these palettes by asking businesses who get a lot of deliveries that no longer need them, alternatively looking on Facebook market place or Gumtree. In order to make a sofa out of this material, all you need is to decide on a shape, whether that be a L shape or just a long sofa shape, then just stack a few on top of each other screwing them into place as you go along and placing some vertically to create the back rest. Then two on top of each other for a coffee table, and then add cushions on top or even a piece of foam covered in fabric to sit on.

  • Repaint or decorate plant pots.

As most plants come in brown, dark green or black pots, some of us end up going out to buy more aesthetically pleasing plant pots. However, why do this, when all we need is a few different coloured tester paint pots and a garden sealant and you’ve got yourself a range of colours in your garden!

  • Repurpose old furniture.

At the moment, we are all having clear outs, however with recycling centres being on a book only basis, it is harder to get rid of this old furniture. Now why get rid? REPURPOSE! Wood ladders can make for a lovely garden shelving unit space for little plants or even spices. Or even an old sink could make for a statement plant potter.

  • Give it some sparkle with lights.

Fairy lights are the perfect way to create a cosy look in a garden, either by hanging across a tree/bush or to hanging underneath a garden umbrella. Alternatively having electronic candles which are battery operated could work really well on garden tables.

  • Break it up.

If you have a garden which is just a space of grass, a way to break it up could be include a gravel path in a wavy fashion to cut down the middle. Along this you could also plant flowers to create an extra border.

  • A quick way to stop you from getting ‘tyred’.

A real funky way to spruce up a garden, especially if you’re a motor sport enthusiast is to use tyres as a form of plant pot. Paint them or decorate them how you like, fill with soil and laid flat they work perfectly for flower planters.

We hope this has created some exciting brainwaves for all of you and just remember if this has made you think about venturing to the garden centre, make sure to be as safe as you can and social distance from other customers.



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