The new safety guidelines


When viewing a property, first a buyer will view it virtually. These are now becoming the norm as it’s believed that open houses will not be permittable for some time. Then if they are interested still, they can arrange a viewing (this is up to the agencies discretion, as some do not feel it is safe to do so). If the estate agency is doing viewings, these will only be one household at a time. The current owners will have to vacate the property while the viewing is taking place. Internal doors will be kept open, surfaces and handles will be cleaned down after each viewing. The agent will not drive the clients to the property and must stay 2 meters away from them. Before the buyers can move in, the property will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

If at any point, any of these listed people show symptoms of Covid-19, are self-isolating or shielding, the viewing will not take place.

When viewing a property these regulations must be followed:

  • Bring hand sanitiser with them and use it to wash hands
  • Wash hands when entering a home
  • Keep windows open to allow airflow
  • A two-meter distance must be kept
  • Surfaces are not allowed to be touched

Those who are considered vulnerable are still advised to stay home and only move if it’s deemed necessary.

Removal companies are now too open, it is advised that the property owner should clean down all belongings and pack furniture where possible. Doors should be kept open, a two-meter distance should be kept at all times and offer washing facilities if they do not have their own but DO NOT offer refreshments. Again, if any of these listed above show any symptoms, a change of date will be needed.




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