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In this uncomfortable time many of us are engaging with DIY designs and revamping our living spaces to make being at home relaxing. This period has meant that some of us have more time to spend doing renovation projects that we have forever longed to do. People are taking to social media sites and in fluxing them with “How-to’s” and DIY projects and creating custom pieces from old furniture they already had.

A new decade means new styles are becoming prevalent across Interior design websites, this year natural colours are a winner. They are simple yet so effective. Alongside this more so than ever before, as consumers we are more aware of the ecological implications which is therefore relayed in pieces of natural woods, upcycling old furniture and adding more plants to the inside of the home.

To those who were ready to dive into the property market before lockdown, there are things you can do to help prepare your home for sale or rent afterwards. Decluttering can be a number one in factor in sales for a property. Lizzie Grant who is the founder of ‘Simplify Stuff’ argued ‘Buyers may be concerned that areas stuffed with clutter also need repairs or renovation that they cannot see. Clearing these spaces will put their minds at rest, give the impression that your home is bigger and add value to it.’ Therefore, by using this time to declutter the house it can create huge benefits post-lockdown.

Sprucing up old furniture to give it a new life can be a new fun way to keep the whole family busy for a few hours in lockdown. Users have flooded to Facebook groups such as DIY On a Budget Official, to show off their before and after shots of rooms and furniture which looks completely different without splashing the cash. By re-painting rooms or furniture can create a whole new look.


  • An old wooden ladder repainted can create lovely plant displays. Jars from food products can fashion planters for flowers inside and outside the house.
  • Furniture such as chest of drawers, side boards, chairs and doors can all be repainted and fitted with new handles to give a whole new effect.
  • Stools or arm chairs can be reupholstered with a brand-new pattern.
  • A kitchen can be the hub of a house, therefore if a kitchen looks warn and tiered, it can have an effect on the overall appearance of the house. An easy way to fix this is by giving the cabinets a good clean, a lick of paint and changing handles, giving it a whole new lease of life.

Just remember when doing any of these, make sure you wash and/or sand down furniture first, and use the most appropriate paint for the material. These ideas in the current climate can produce authentic pieces of furniture while keeping busy without buying any new furniture!

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