Do you know your local property agent in Ashford?


So all this time at home gets me thinking (yes, dangerous I know🤣) and i’m watching loads of clips, some great people out there in Estate Agency land like Chris K, Christopher Watkin, John Paul to name but a few and I happened to be watching a video by the man with the beard Ben Moore Bespoke Estate Agent – Esme Properties and it got me thinking that I have some stuff so to speak. Decided I didnt want to sit in a chair and do it and was getting nagged to do Fajitas for tea so I did it whilst cooking, and why not!!!

Its all about making it personal! Be you! Let them see YOU!!! Anyway, hope you enjoy and there will be more to follow so sorry about that!!🤣🚀

Oh, and you can message me if you need any help too!👍🏻


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