Our Top 3 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter


Spring is nearly here but we’ve got some more bad weather to contend with before we can do the sun dance! With that in mind we’ve got some great tips if you are selling your home over the winter period to help increase your chances of a sale.

Give a warm invite

Make sure the property is warm for viewings: this will create an inviting welcome and encourage viewers to spend more time considering the property. Having the lights on so the property dosen’t look dark and uninviting.

Unblock your gutters

Clearing your gutters of debris and leaves is paramount in winters months. Having gutters that do not drain properly can cause a whole host of problems for your property for example: damp or rot, and can even damage to the foundation caused by water running down external walls.

If it snows or freezes, a blocked gutter could also come loose from your property, causing even more problems. Check gutters are secured properly, and keep them clear.

Home Staging

While you might be looking to move, viewers are looking to physically move into the property so ‘dressing up’ the rooms to show it not only in its best light but also seasonally. Adding warm cosy blankets to drape over the sofa, candles and giving the illusion of warm by adding colours like yellow or orange to make the property even more warm and inviting!


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