B&M’s Guide on Preparing Your Garden for Winter


The UK’s winter weather has always been relatively harsh, and extreme conditions have become more and more common in recent years. Records show that some parts of the country reached -13 degrees as recently as December 2017, and this year is set to be another cold one!

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With that in mind, how are we supposed to protect our lovely outside spaces as winter draws in?

The good news is that it’s actually surprisingly easy and shouldn’t cost you a great deal. Simply follow B&M’s gardening tips below to ensure that your winter garden remains healthy and beautiful.

Protect Your Plants

Winter in UK regions can bring all kinds of inclement weather, from sub-zero temperatures to strong winds, snow, hail, ice and rain, so it’s vital to learn how to protect plants from frost throughout the winter months – particularly perennials, which should survive for several years.

In order to shield your plants from the frost and wetter weather, cover them with specialist “frost fleece” – a light and porous material that keeps the soil warm enough for plants to survive. It protects them from drowning too, retaining just enough moisture for survival.

Carefully peg the material down over your plants. Uncover them every so often to check on them, and if their rooting zone seems dry, treat them to a little water before covering once again.

Our top gardening tips to protect larger stand alone varieties – or plants and shrubs in pots – is to wrap the pot or planter in bubble wrap. This will also prevent the pots from cracking due to the colder winter weather. Fleece plant protection covers can also be used as a gentle barrier.

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