What is Britain’s ultimate dream home?


If we had the choice, what would our dream home really look like and what are the features we are obsessed with having in our homes?

Arlo & Jacob asked Brits what their dream home would look like both from the outside and in.

When it comes to the type of home Brits desire the most, the results are surprisingly modest with the majority of people wanting a 3-bedroom semi-detached house. Just 1.4% of Brits wanted a house with 6+ bedrooms and less than a third wanted a detached home.

Looking at the interior of the dream home the results show that Brits are keen to master a balance between modern and luxury, with the most desired features emerging as a fireplace and patio doors onto the garden, as well as smart appliances and a smart TV in almost every room.

The Kitchen

The survey reveals that the key feature Brits want in their dream kitchen is a kitchen island to socialise around, with 42.1% of people wanting this.

Over a third (37.5.%) want patio doors leading to the garden and an open-plan kitchen diner, which again allows for the kitchen to become a social hub of the home.

Technology is another key feature Brits want in their dream kitchen – over a third (32.3%) of people want smart appliances such as a smart fridge, dishwasher and washing machine in their kitchens.

The Lounge

Entertainment comes out as a top priority when it comes to Britain’s dream lounge, with just over half of Brits wanting a smart TV. These results come as no surprise with the living space being an area for us to relax after a long day at work. With the average Brit spending almost 10 years of their life watching TV, it comes as no surprise that a smart TV is a top feature for the kitchen, lounge and bedroom.

With relaxation being a key activity in the living space, Brits desire an open fire or fireplace (41.4%) and corner sofa (38.1%). Over a quarter of Brits also want big windows/doors looking out onto the garden, allowing plenty of sunlight to fill and lift the room.

The Bedroom

Privacy and space come out as two important qualities in Britain’s dream bedroom, with the most popular feature being an ensuite with over half (55.2%) wanting this, closely followed by a walking wardrobe and dressing room.

Brits’ dream bedroom results demonstrate the epitome of luxury, with 34.4% of people also wanting a balcony and nearly a quarter wanting a four-poster bed.

The Garden

Having a back garden is crucial for the British dream home according to our survey results, with over 40% of Brits wanting one. The most popular garden feature is a BBQ and outdoor cooking area for homeowners to enjoy entertaining guests, at 37.2%. A hot tub and swimming pool also came out in the top five features Brits want in their garden.

Interestingly, Brits are also aware of the cost of maintenance of gardens, which is shown by over a quarter of people wanting to have a simple and easy-to-maintain garden.

Interestingly, as lavish and dreamy as the chosen features are for Britain’s dream home, the majority of people are only willing to pay a maximum of £400,000 for it. Whilst this may be achievable in some areas of the UK, for cities such as London where the average house price is £460,000, and other locations, this figure is unrealistic and shows that Brits want an impressive home, but don’t want to pay the price.

Timothy Newsome, marketing director at Arlo & Jacob, commented: “Homes are a big part of raising families and socialising with friends – we spend, on average, around 45% of our lives at home. But the way we live is constantly evolving and our homes are always adapting to reflect this. At Arlo & Jacob, we conducted this research to find out what is really important to people when it comes to their ideal home. How are our priorities changing and how is this influencing the housing market? How are our homes adapting to accommodate and reflect changes in the way we live our lives?

“Our findings suggest that people are now seeking social spaces that serve multiple functions within the home, with a big focus on bringing people together and having the space to entertain and accommodate friends and family. Kitchens continue to be the heart of the home, with people wanting kitchen islands and open plan kitchen-diners to create space to come together as a family or with friends.

“While the classic semi-luxury elements, like ensuites and walk in wardrobes, are still popular there is a definite reminder here that one of the main things that make a house desirable is its ability to appeal to buyers’ self image. We’ve found that small elements like home-tech and on-trend interiors have a huge impact when it comes to the age-old question, ‘Can you see yourself living here?’

“While a smart washing machine and luxury rug may not seem like big selling points – especially when we consider these are things that are unlikely to remain in the property after the sale – it’s clear that these things help to build an image of living everyday life in the property, for potential buyers, adding personal appeal and a sense of aspiration.”


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