Bon Voyage!


So, Friday was a high and a low day to be honest. Im still on annual leave but wanted to call in to the office as one of our own is flying the nest!

Sally joined us 4 years ago under the apprenticeship scheme and it has been an absolute delight to work with her every day and watch her grow. Everyone in the Evolution family always gives extra and this is no different with Sally. She has always been very level headed, cool and calm and has been a huge support in bringing on and implementing our improved referencing processes. We have had some really great times together with many laughs and I’m sure a few tears somewhere in there as well. Albeit feeling a bit low as we are losing her, we feel excited for her in that she is starting a fabulous adventure by travelling to Australia via Asia and planning a years trip. Such an amazing opportunity and we hope she has an ace time, she is under instruction that she has to keep in touch and provide a tonne of photos!

Thank you again Sally for everything you have done for us all and we hope to see you soon!


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