Superb news!!!


Oh ok, so, we are slightly chuffed then!!!!!!

So it all started with a gold award for Estate Agent in Ashford last year, followed by another gold award for Letting Agent in Ashford swiftly followed by a bronze for letting agent in Kent. We then picked up yet another gold award, second year running for Estate Agent in Ashford!!!

This is literally down to the amazing team we have in all 3 branches who work so hard to help every person that calls us and needs our help. They all do actually go the “extra” mile every time and the fact that they enjoy being agents really shows through!

I want to thank every single one of them, their partners and all of our clients who continue to use us! Impossible without you all!!!

More great news to come as well, another award from the Estate Agent Masters!

Want to know why we are different? Contact us today!!!


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