We’re not dull!


So, whilst many of us may have woken up to a very grey, wet, overcast outlook, we’re not down in the dumps one bit on this buzzing Saturday!

3 amazing things are happening in our office today, 1st day of the advent (photo to follow), another amazing cheque for £100 will be handed over to David from the “Park Farm Playground Project” as we were given instruction on yet another in the Park Farm/Bridgefield developments (Thats £400 in November alone!) and finally, our chance to support an amazing local young lady, who for the 3rd year in a row we have supported, carries out the immense task of collecting many different items from local business’ and residents, to be handed out to people in need, in particular the Family Food Bank. We are so humbled by this young ladies selfless efforst and so proud to be able to help her achieve an amazing goal!

As well as these amazing highlights, our diary is very busy today (who said the market is quiet!) with some great viewings, 2 are seconds! 2 valuations and there is just enough time in there for me to carry on with our aim of being paperless by the end of the year by using “signable” which is a superb and effective online signing platform. The feedback we have had so far is fantastic with comments ranging from “futuristic” to “makes my life so much easier!”

So, what are you planning to achieve today? Let us know!


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