Another donation!


I met with Andrea again today at Furley Park Academy to hand over another amazing cheque, in excess of £800, to the school. I understand that they are looking to save up the money we donate and use it towards some superb playground equipment for the children which makes us so happy and proud that we are able to support them!


We have an agreement as follows;

If you have a child at or due to go to the academy, you can benefit from not only local people in a local company with unrivalled local knowledge and combined experience of over 60 years dealing with properties, but also some of the most competitive fees for selling and renting.
The benefit to the academy is the “Gift” which is a donation of 25% of the pre-VAT sales or lettings fee. We don’t insist or control where the academy spend the money, we know that this will be used towards some amazing equipment that your child will benefit from. We have already handed over a number of substantial cheques and we hope to be able to continue doing so with your support.

SO, come on, lets all join in and help!!!

Call or email us today!


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